13 People Injured on Emirates Flight Due to Turbulence

Emirates Airline Boeing 777 Dubai

Emirates Airline Boeing 777 (file)

10 passengers and 3 crew members were injured on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Jakarta when the plane encountered heavy turbulence.

Emirates Flight 358, a Boeing 777-300 aircraft carrying 374 passengers, encountered the turbulence on May 17th flying over the Nicobar Islands.

‘Aviation Herald reported that the crew at this point decided to divert the flight to Singapore, where the injured were disembarked and taken to hospital.

One flight attendant was a diagnosed with a serious injury to the cervical vertebra, while others were discharged following treatment for minor injuries.’

The flight was grounded for approximately 18 hours in Singapore before continuing its journey. Passengers injured in the turbulence were booked onto alternative flights.


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