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Boeing Delivers its 1,500th 747

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8

Boeing has delivered the 1,500th 747 to come off the production line to Frankfurt, Germany-based Lufthansa. The milestone airplane is a 747-8 Intercontinental, the 14th one that Lufthansa will incorporate into its long-haul fleet. “Reaching this milestone delivery is a testament to the capabilities of the airplane and our commitment to continuous innovation,” said Eric…

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Boeing, Belavia Airlines Announce Order for Three Next-Generation 737-800s

Boeing and Belarus flag carrier Belavia Airlines have reached an agreement on an order for three Next-Generation 737-800 airplanes. Valued at $272 million at current list prices, this is the first direct purchase of Boeing airplanes for Belavia. “We are committed to bring the highest levels of comfort and convenience to our customers by continuing…

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Malaysia MH370 Most Likely on Autopilot when it Crashed, Australia Says

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was most likely on autopilot when it crashed into the Indian Ocean further south than previously thought, Australian officials said on Thursday, as they charted the next phase of a so far fruitless search. The new analysis comes more than 100 days after the Boeing 777, carrying 239 passengers and crew,…

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Asiana 777 SFO Crash Caused by Pilot ‘Mismanagement,’ NTSB Concludes

Federal officials said Tuesday that “mismanagement” by the pilots of Asiana Flight 214 caused the plane crash at San Francisco International Airport last year. The crash killed three people and injured more than 180. The National Transportation Safety Board was meeting in Washington to weigh a variety of factors, including the skill and training of…

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