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Airbus’ A380 is awarded Best Aircraft Type in a major passenger survey

Etihad Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 has been named Best Aircraft as U.S. publication Global Traveler held their annual awards night. It is also the first time the Best Aircraft Type distinction was won by a non-Boeing airline. More than a decade after its maiden flight, the popularity of Airbus’ A380 has never been higher among airline passengers…

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Two ATC agencies ‘blacklist’ 787 over position-data flaw

Air New Zealand Boeing 787

Most of the Boeing 787s delivered to date contain a software defect that, in at least five identified aircraft, have erroneously reported their location to controllers, prompting two air traffic management agencies to put the Dreamliner on a “blacklist” for certain services. Although it denies the software defect creates a safety hazard, Boeing says a…

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Asian jet builders up their game, pushing Boeing

HondaJet HA-420

The trend toward Asian-built aircraft is accelerating, potentially putting more pressure on Boeing from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Honda this week became the latest Asian manufacturer to take a place in the sky, with its HondaJet business aircraft winning certification from the FAA. The step follows a flurry of recent activity, including…

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MRJs to fly all J-Air routes in future, JAL chairman says

Mitsubishi MRJ

Japan Airlines Co. plans to replace all aircraft flown by domestic subsidiary J-Air Corp. with the new fuel-efficient Mitsubishi Regional Jet. Chairman Masaru Onishi explained the move in a recent interview with Kyodo News, saying the swap-out could be complete just over a decade from now. J-Air primarily serves routes linking Osaka and Sapporo with…

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Embraer Forecasts 9,100 Bizjets Worth $259B over Decade

Embraer Executive Jets’ recently released 10-year demand forecast for business jets predicts sales of 9,100 aircraft worldwide worth $259 billion. This represents a modest annual growth rate of 3 percent, as well as a slight increase in deliveries compared with the previous decade, at 8,190 business jet shipments worth $198 billion. Once again the North…

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Will Boeing Co 787-10’s New BluePrint Help It Out Shine

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

On December 3, 2015, Boeing Co announced the completion of its 787-10 Dreamliner’s detailed design. The process got accomplished two weeks ahead of the schedule and gave ample room to the aircraft manufacturer to gather better procurement equipment. The assembly of new plane will start in 2016, with first flight out in 2017. The delivery…

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US, Canadian Aviation Industries Start Aircraft Biofuel Project: Boeing

Boeing 737 MAX LEAP-1B Engine

The US aviation industry is cooperating with partners in Canada to produce sustainable biofuel for aircraft obtained from forest residues, Boeing aviation company said in a press release on Wednesday. “Boeing, the University of British Columbia and SkyNRG, with support from Canada’s aviation industry and other stakeholders, are collaborating to turn leftover branches, sawdust and…

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