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Scorpion-3 – The world’s first fully-manned hoverbike


The Russian Startup Hoversurf has built an impressive single-seat aircraft that not only has the capacity to lift you up in the sky, but also puts the control right into your own hands. The fully-manned Scorpion-3 fundamentally combines the standard motorcycle design with futuristic quadcopter technology to offer the speed, agility and stability of flight to “the hands…

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Airbus and Boeing only deliver 38% of the total number of aircraft

Airbus Boeing

Following on from an impressive 178 unit deliveries in December, Airbus and Boeing slowed down the amount of aircraft that they distributed in January. The companies combined handed over 69 aircraft to various customers around the world, only 38% of the total that both manufacturers achieved in the last month of 2016. When compared to…

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