Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 Aborts Takeoff in Ukraine, Engine Malfunction

Aeroflot Superjet 100

Aeroflot Superjet 100 (file)

An Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 aborted its takeoff at Kharkiv Airport in the Ukraine on Sunday evening due to an engine malfunction, according to several reports.

‘”For an unknown reason the control system for engine No. 1 failed and the crew decided to abort the take-off,” the source said. It was not clear how many passengers were on board.’

The Russian made Superjet has been beset by reliability issues since its induction in to service.

‘The Superjet programme hit uncertainty last year after one of its planes crashed in Indonesia during a promotional flight, which investigators said was due to pilot error and Jakarta air traffic control’s lack of a minimum safe altitude system.

Russia’s Aeroflot (AFLT.MM), the only airline operating the aircraft so far, also grounded four of its 10 Superjets earlier this month due to technical problems.’

Russia has declared ambitions to sell $250 billion worth of aircraft by 2025 and overtake even Soviet-era output records to compete with U.S. and European giants.


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