Air New Zealand Pilot Falls Asleep While at Controls of 777 Plane, Twice

Air New Zealand Boeing 777

Air New Zealand Boeing 777

A pilot for Air New Zealand fell asleep while at the controls of one of the airline’s Boeing 777┬ájets while on a flight from London to Los Angeles last year.


The report, which was voluntarily submitted to the New Zealand Civil Authority, said: “I suddenly, and without any warning, fell into a deep sleep on the flight deck. The same event occurred twice,” according to the pilot in question.

Air New Zealand said in a statement: “During the cruise phase of the flight one of the two operating pilots nodded off twice for around a minute and woke spontaneously.”

“The other operating pilot on the flight deck was aware of this and safety was not compromised at any point.”

The airline said there would be no disciplinary action against the pilot as this would discourage reports of fatigue incidents.


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