Aerion AS2

Airbus partners with Aerion to Develop Supersonic Business Jet

Aerion AS2

Allan McArtor of Airbus North America and executives from Aerion held a joint news conference at Aerion’s exhibit at the National Business Aviation Association’s annual convention to talk about the partnership between the two companies.

Airbus and Aerion will work together to develop a multimillion-dollar supersonic business jet. They will collaborate on the jet’s development and exchange capabilities on the design and certification.

Airbus will provide technical and certification support. McArtor, however, said Airbus likely won’t manufacture the supersonic jet. But “I think we could certainly contribute to component manufacturing,” McArtor said.

The strategy is to get ahead for the future, he said of Airbus’ interest in supersonic travel. “We don’t want to read” that someone else is doing it, he said. “It’s a first mover thing. There’s not going to be room for four supersonic business jets.”

Airbus doesn’t have a plan or a vision for supersonic commercial aircraft, he said.

Aerion Corporation is an American aerospace firm founded by Robert Bass and based in Reno, Nevada. Aerion continues research the group began more than 20 years ago, with the current focus on the design of a practical and efficient supersonic business jet employing patented natural laminar flow (NLF) technology, as well as application of this technology for subsonic and transonic aircraft through a wholly owned consultancy business named Aerion Technologies Corporation.

One of Aerion’s Supersonic jet concept designs is the Aerion AS2.


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