Allegiant Denies Refund Request After Woman’s Fiance Dies

Allegiant Air MD-80

Allegiant Air MD-80

Allegiant Air┬áhas denied a woman’s request for a refund after her fiance died a week before their planned trip on the budget carrier.

Anuandi Hodges had bought the airline tickets for herself and her fiancee Frederick Adams to fly out of Gerald R. Ford International Airport to get to Las Vegas for their wedding. But tragically Adams died.

When Hodges asked Allegiant if she could get a refund the airline said no.

‘”When I talked to Allegiant Airline, I said, ‘You know what, I’m not God. If I was, Frederick would still be living.’ All I could get from them is, ‘Sorry for your loss but this is our policy and this is the how it’s going to go,'” said Hodges, recalling the call she made to Allegiant customer service.’

Allegiant says this policy is to keep ticket prices low.

Allegiant spokesperson Jessica Wheeler said:

“It’s certainly unfortunate,” she said. “But from our perspective, regardless of the reason, the seat flies empty.”

Hodges said she wants to get that policy changed.

“They just worried about heir seat empty,” she said. “I lost a loved one.”


Nice of you to be so sympathetic Allegiant.

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