American Airlines Grounds All Flights Due to System Crash-UPDATE 2

American Airlines

American Airlines

American Airlines reservation system has gone down and is causing widespread flight delays and some cancellations.

‘The Fort Worth, Texas-based airline said on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that its system, Sabre, is offline. Passengers also took to Twitter to express frustration. Travelers were reporting both delays getting on flights and also being stuck on the ground after the plane left the gate.

Flight tracking service FlightAware is showing all inbound flights at O’Hare and Dallas/Fort Worth International being held at their origin airport. Still, the service says that only 7 flights have been cancelled.

American said it was working to restore the system but didn’t estimate a time that it would be restored. A spokeswoman didn’t elaborate.’

American updated their Twitter feed stating that Sabre is not to blame. The airline cannot access the system according to their Tweet.



American Airlines has grounded all flights temporarily while they try to get their reservation system back up.

American posted the following Tweet at 1:38 PM CDT:

‘We are now in a system-wide ground delay until 4:00pm CT as we work to resolve this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.’


All of American Airlines systems have been fully restored, however, there will be residual delays likely throughout the evening.

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