ANA Boeing 787 Flight in Japan Cancelled Due to Brake Problem-UPDATE

ANA Boeing 787

ANA Boeing 787 (file photo)

An All Nippon Airways (ANA) Boeing 787 flight scheduled to fly from Yamaguchi to Tokyo (Japan) today has been cancelled due to an unspecified brake problem with the aircraft.

The issue is reported to have come in the form of an error message involving the braking system.

This is the 3rd incident in as many days involving Boeing’s newest passenger jet, dubbed the ‘Dreamliner’.

On Monday, a Japan Airlines (JAL) 787 suffered a battery-related fire after it landed at Boston Logan Airport.

On Tuesday, another JAL 787 spilled some 40 gallons of jet fuel on the taxiway…also at Boston Logan. That flight was able to resume a few hours later.

Teething troubles are fairly common for new aircraft. But Boeing has had its share of troubles with the Dreamliner, and its stock has taken a bit of a hammering in recent days due to the troubles.

Today’s incident is not thought to be a serious problem…more likely a ‘glitch’.


ANA Boeing 787 Flight Canceled Due To Computer Bug

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