ANA Cancels All 787 Dreamliner Flights Through May

ANA Boeing 787 at Takumatsu

ANA Boeing 787 at Takumatsu with emergency slides deployed after a battery fire forced an evacuation.

Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA) has cancelled all future flights with its fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners through the month of May.

Boeing’s entire fleet of 787 jets were grounded by the FAA on January 16th due to 2 battery fire incidents on two of the aircraft, one of them belonging to ANA.

‘The canceled flights include trips from Seattle and San Jose to Tokyo, as well as flights around Asia. The airline says flights from Frankfurt to Tokyo’s Haneda airport will continue on a different type of plane.

ANA has now had to cancel 3,600 flights that would have carried almost 168,000 passengers.’

Boeing, as well as Japanese authorities and the FAA has been working to find the cause of the fires.

ANA has 17 Dreamliners in its fleet, more than any other airline.

United Airlines announced last week that they had cancelled their 787 flights through June 5th.


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