Asiana 777 SFO Crash Caused by Pilot ‘Mismanagement,’ NTSB Concludes

Asiana Flight 214

Asiana Flight 214

Federal officials said Tuesday that “mismanagement” by the pilots of Asiana Flight 214 caused the plane crash at San Francisco International Airport last year.

The crash killed three people and injured more than 180.

The National Transportation Safety Board was meeting in Washington to weigh a variety of factors, including the skill and training of Asiana’s pilots, the effect of computerized flight systems on flight crew awareness, and the design of a Boeing Co. throttle system that automatically adjusts airspeed.

Officials found that the pilots were confused over aspects of the Boeing 777’s key controls. The complexity of those controls, as well as pilot-training issues, were also cited by the board.

The crash occurred July 6, when an Asiana Boeing 777 struck a sea wall and slammed into the runway while attempting to land at San Francisco International Airport. Investigators have said the pilots came in too slow and too low to touch down safely.


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