Boeing 737 MAX with updated winglets

Boeing 737s In High Demand

Boeing 737-900ER

Boeing 737-900ER (image courtesy of Boeing)

Boeing announced that it will increase production on the 737 programme to 52 planes per month in 2018 in response to strong market demand from customers worldwide. Once the increase is implemented, the 737 programme is expected to build more than 620 airplanes per year, the highest rate ever for the world’s best-selling commercial aircraft.

“The 737 Next-Generation and 737 MAX aeroplanes offer our customers unparalleled efficiency and reliability,”says Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO Ray Conner. “Whether for fleet growth or for replacement needs, the 737 enables market success for carriers due to lower operating economics and by providing a better passenger experience.”

Boeing currently produces 42 aircraft per month at its Renton, Washington factory, and the company previously announced plans to increase the production rate to 47 aeroplanes per month in 2017.

Boeing’s long-term forecast of air traffic volumes and commercial aircraft demand, projects a need for more than 25,000 single-aisle airplanes over the next 20 years, worth $2.56 trillion total market value.

Boeing’s highly efficient and reliable 737 family is the proven market leader. To date, 266 customers worldwide have placed more than 12,100 orders for the single-aisle plane. Boeing currently has more than 4,000 unfilled orders across the 737 family.

By the Numbers:

Number of 737s Boeing plans to build per month in 2018

Projected single-aisle aeroplanes required over the next 20 years

Unified 737 orders Boeing has currently, while producing 42 aircraft per month


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