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Boeing, Airbus ‘collide’ at Saudi hangar

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The tough competition between the world’s two aircraft giants Boeing and Airbus appears to have spilled into Saudi Arabia, where two of their planes collided inside a hangar.

A local newspaper affirmed the clash was not deliberate.

The two aircraft, owned by Saudi Arabia’s official carrier Saudia, were being moved inside the airline’s hangar in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah for maintenance when they hit each other, according to ‘Makka’ Arabic language newspaper.

It said Boeing’s wing banged into the Airbus plane’s tail, resulting in damage to both of them but there were no casualties.

“Saudia sources said the accident was caused by failure to comply with safety regulations. They said the incident is still under investigation,” the paper said.

Boeing, Airbus ‘collide’ at Saudi hangar

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