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Boeing Leads Airbus With 61 Aircraft Delivery in October

British Airways Boeing 787

British Airways Boeing 787

After the strongest September since began collating delivery data, both Airbus and Boeing delivered fewer aircraft this October. Besides the fact that the American manufacturer maintains its leading position over Airbus in terms of aircraft delivered in the 10th month of the year, Boeing continues to lead the 2014 delivery race by 96 units (up from 85 in September). When compared to the first 10 months of 2013, the two producers managed to increase their combined deliveries by 48 units, with 1,082 aircraft incorporated by carriers into their respective fleets so far in 2014.

Having delivered more than 100 aircraft each month since March, the two manufacturers have once again recorded an impressive score. The combined deliveries of both producers for the 10th month of the year, was 111, of which 61 came from the American manufacturer, and 50 from its European counterpart. Noteworthy is the fact that Boeing enhanced its performance when compared to the same month last year, delivering seven more units, while Airbus handed over nine fewer airframes. Overall, 73% of all October deliveries were narrow-body aircraft, which is up 2.9% from last month’s figures.

Airbus: 50 deliveries in October (42 single-aisle, 8 wide-body)

Airbus Deliveries October 2014

Airbus closed October with a total of 50 units delivered, which constitutes four fewer airframes than the amount delivered in September 2014 and nine fewer than in the corresponding month last year. Over the 10 completed months of 2014, the European manufacturer handed over 493 units, representing a decrease of 2.2% (11 fewer units) on the same period last year.

Once again, single-aisle deliveries in October were led by the A320 (25 units), with 42 narrow-body aircraft provided to carriers around the world. The flag carrier of the Philippines, Philippine Airlines, was the only operator to receive more than two narrow-body units from Airbus, as it incorporated three A321s into its fleet. In addition, a total of nine airlines saw two Airbus single-aisle aircraft join their respective fleets in October, namely Air China, American Airlines, Avianca Brazil, Batik Air, China Eastern Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Sichuan Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Volaris.

Analysis of the wide-body deliveries reveals that Airbus handed over eight airframes in October, accounting for four fewer units than in both the preceding month and the corresponding month of 2013. Following September’s delivery of four A380s, the European producer handed over just one unit of the type in the 10th month of 2014, to British Airways, which now operates a fleet of eight A380s. In addition, a total of four A330-300s were delivered in October, one each to Air China, Cathay Pacific Airways, Philippine Airlines and SriLankan Airlines, with the latter having received its first unit of the type on 29 October.

Boeing: 61 deliveries in October (39 single-aisle, 22 wide-body)

Boeing Deliveries October 2014

Boeing ended October with a total of 61 units delivered, six fewer units than in September, but five more than in the corresponding month of 2013. In fact, the American producer’s total for the first ten months of 2014 is 589 aircraft, an impressive 59 units more than in the corresponding period last year (+11%).

Airlines received a total of 39 single-aisle units from Boeing, five fewer than in the preceding month. The fifth largest LCC in the world and the biggest in Asia with 34 million passengers in 2013 – Lion Air, was the largest recipient of the 737 family for the second consecutive month, as it took delivery of three 737-800s and one 737-900. Furthermore, five other operators received more than one single-aisle unit from Boeing, namely American (two 737-800s), China Eastern (one 737-700 and one 737-800), Ryanair (two 737-800s), United Airlines (two 737-900s), as well as WestJet (two 737-800s).

An impressive 22 wide-body airframes were handed over by the American manufacturer in October 2014, one fewer unit than in September. In addition, Boeing bettered its year-on-year performance, delivering two more wide-body units than the 20 it managed in the corresponding month of 2013. Following 13 and seven 787-8s delivered to carriers in August and September respectively, Boeing delivered a total of eight units of the type reaching customers in October. Besides this, United and Virgin Atlantic Airways received one 787-9 each.


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