Boeing and China

Boeing to unveil the location of its first overseas factory in China

American aviation giant Boeing is to announce the location of its first overseas factory in China, according to

It was reported on Tuesday that Zhoushan in Zhejiang province, Tianjin and Xi’an in Shannxi province are all possible locations for the center specializing in the completion and delivery of Boeing737 aircraft.

Boeing and its commercial partner in China are drawing up the final commercial contracts and the location of the center will soon be released, noted Ian Chang, the Boeing Commercial Airplanes vice president of supply management in China.

Chang believes the construction of the center will have significant meaning as it has the potential to greatly improve the production speed of the Boeing737 aircraft, serving the vast aviation market in China and the surrounding countries.

He added that Boeing plans to take on board the preferences of Chinese customers on aircraft cabin design, and on the painting and delivery of Boeing 737 aircraft, so that it can greatly appeal to Chinese customers.

The successful establishment of the first overseas factory in China follows the signing of a series of contracts between The Boeing Company and the National Development and Reform Commission in September 2015.

Based on the contracts, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd (COMAC) and Boeing will also set up a co-funded company, which will be responsible for the Boeing737 aircraft’s completion and delivery center in China.

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