Boeing Orders October 2015

Boeing’s Commercial Orders And Deliveries In October

As part of my monthly look at orders and deliveries for Boeing  and Airbus  and a comparison between both monthly order books, this article will present commercial orders and deliveries in October.


Boeing Orders October 2015

Figure 1: Boeing orders (up until) October 2015 (Source:

In September, Boeing booked 29 orders, with 27 orders for its single-aisle product and 2 order for a wide-body aircraft. In September, Boeing booked recovered from a weak September month and booked 59 orders.

The orders were a healthy balance between wide- and narrow-body aircraft. At list prices, the orders are valued at $10.7 bn, but after discounts the orders have a market value of $5.6 bn:

  • Oman Air and GOL Airlines ordered 29 Boeing 737MAX aircraft, while Boeing sold 1 737MAX business jet and received 1 order for the 737MAX from an unidentified customer. The orders are valued at $3.5 bn at list prices
  • October was a good month for Boeing, selling 27 Boeing 787-9 aircraft to El Al, Norwegian Air and Qantas. The orders have a combined value of $7.1 bn and show the importance of the Dreamliner for Boeing.

As can be seen, orders for the Dreamliner accounted for almost 50% of the orders, but are twice as valuable compared to the narrow-body airframes.


Boeing Deliveries October 2015

Figure 2: Boeing deliveries (up until) October 2015 (Source: AeroAnalysis)

Boeing’s delivery of 58 airframes was slightly below expectations. Deliveries were a mix of narrow-body aircraft (70%) and wide-body aircraft (30%). The estimated market value of the deliveries is $4.4bn.

A look at the deliveries per type:

  • Boeing delivered 4 airframes less than expected
  • Deliveries for the Boeing 777 fell short of expectations by 2 units
  • Deliveries for the Boeing 787 exceeded expectations by 1 unit
  • Deliveries for the Boeing 737 fell short of expectations by 3 units

Delivery volume was slightly lower than expected, but I expect this to be compensated in December, which tends to be a strong month for Boeing since airlines want to take delivery of aircraft before year-end.

Book-to-bill ratio

During October, Boeing booked 59 orders and delivered 58 units, resulting in a book-to-bill ratio of .98. For the full year, this ratio is .89 (excluding order cancellations). Boeing’s full-year target is to receive 1 order for each delivery. So Boeing still has to add about 200 orders to the order book to achieve its desired book-to-bill ratio.

Boeing’s Commercial Orders And Deliveries In October

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