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Bombardier Bizjet Deliveries Rise

bombardier jets

Bombardier Aerospace delivered 45 business jets (seven Learjet 70/75s, one Learjet 60XR, 12 Challenger 300/350s, six Challenger 605s and 19 Global 5000/6000s) in the third quarter, compared with 36 (two 60XRs, 12 Challenger 300s, eight 605s and 14 Globals) in the same period a year ago. Year-to-date as of September 30, it shipped 126 business jets (16 Learjets, 55 Challengers and 55 Globals) versus 120 (nine Learjets, 66 Challengers and 45 Globals).

Net Bombardier business jet orders during the third quarter dipped slightly from 23 aircraft last year to 21 this year, though net orders in the first nine months are on par with last year at 97 jets. Order backlog in months of production is 17 months for Learjets, above the company’s six- to nine-month target; 33 months for Challengers, well above the 15- to 18-month target; and 21 months for Globals, below the 24- to 30-month target.

Bombardier’s total aerospace backlog, which includes airliners and business jets, was $37.9 billion on September 30, compared with $37.3 billion at the end of last year. The company’s book-to-bill ratio for business jets stood at 0.5:1 in the third quarter and 0.8:1 for the first nine months.


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