British Airways Flight 67 Makes Emergency Landing in Canada, Fumes Sicken Pilot

British Airways Boeing 777

British Airways Boeing 777

A British Airways jet flying from London Heathrow to Philadelphia made an emergency landing last Sunday when fumes started to fill the cockpit.

British Airways Flight 67, a Boeing 777-200 aircraft with 158 passengers on board, made a safe landing…but not before the First Officer started to feel sick:

‘The plane made the unscheduled stop at Goose Bay, in Newfoundland, in temperatures of -30C after fumes started to cause eye and throat irritation halfway through the eight hour flight. The co-pilot also became incapacitated after he started to feel nauseous nearly half an hour later.

Oxygen masks were then required for the captain and first officer, so they could make the landing last Sunday, according to the Sunday Express.’

There were no other injuries reported.


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