New Russian jet ‘serious’ competitor to Boeing and Airbus, says Aeroflot CEO

Russian MC-21

Russia’s new MS-21 passenger plane, its first domestically-built mainline commercial aircraft since the collapse of the Soviet Union, is a serious venture capable of competing with industry heavyweights Airbus and Boeing, the head of national airline Aeroflot told Reuters yesterday. Russia carried out the MS-21’s maiden flight on Sunday and has heralded the twin-engine jet…

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Boeing Suppliers Use Ukrainian-Built Antonov Jets to Keep Supplies Flowing

Antonov An-124-100

Boeing Co. and its suppliers have turned to giant, Ukrainian-made cargo jets to keep its supply chain running smoothly, partially in response to disruptions at U.S. West coast ports from a recent labor dispute there. The aerospace giant’s top commercial-airplane executive on Tuesday said disruptions have continued even after the parties in that disagreement reached…

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