Happy landings as pilot brothers end careers 30 seconds apart

Pilot Brothers Jeremy and Nick Hart

Twins Jeremy, left, and Nicholas Hart, who have retired as British Airways pilots after landing their final flights just 30 seconds apart at Heathrow Airport Twin brothers have retired as British Airways pilots after landing their final flights just 30 seconds apart at Heathrow Airport. Captains Jeremy and Nick Hart celebrated their 60th birthdays by…

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Delta pilots may have incentive to fly airline’s older planes

Delta MD-88

Delta‘s remaining MD-88 jets are said to be loud, and feature cramped, glare-prone cockpits. (Reuters) Junior pilots an Delta may have just discovered an easier route to a promotion: Just fly a loud, annoying plane that nobody else wants to. MD-88 jets, the last model in McDonnell Douglas’ MD-80 series, first took to the skies…

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United Airlines’ top pilot has a lot to say about perceived pilot shortage

Airline pilots

United Airlines Capt. Todd Insler, head of the Chicago-based airline’s powerful pilots union, is upset about what he would undoubtedly classify as “fake news” about the nation’s airline industry — namely all the talk in recent months about an alleged shortage of commercial airline pilots in the United States. The perceived shortage would seem to…

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Would you fly in a pilotless commercial plane if it meant a cheaper airline ticket?

Boeing expands pilot training network

The world’s aviation industry will need to train and deploy more than 600,000 new pilots over the next 20 years. But, then again, the industry might be operating fleets of commercial jets flown by remote control. Those are the seemingly contradictory outlooks described in separate reports by aerospace giant Boeing and Swiss banking powerhouse UBS…

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World’s Youngest Woman Commander To Fly A Boeing 777, Captain Anny Divya Is Making India Proud

Captain Anny Divya - Joungest woman to fly Boeing 777

When other kids of her age were pursuing conventional professions like engineering and medicine, Anny Divya told her parents that she wished to become a pilot. Unlike most people from smaller towns with a conservative attitude towards their daughters, Anny’s parents supported her at every step. Today, 30-year-old Captain Anny Divya is the youngest woman…

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