Cirrus Aircraft Vision SF50

Cirrus Aircraft Vision SF50 personal jet completes successful maiden flight

Cirrus Aircraft Vision SF50

Cirrus Aircraft announced today the successful maiden flight of the third and final conforming flight test aircraft, ‘C-Two’ (C2), in their Vision SF50 personal jet program. The initial flight of C2 marks the latest significant milestone for the Vision™ jet program as C2 now joins C0 and C1 in FAA flight testing and certification activities.

C2’s first flight took place on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 20, at approximately 2 p.m. from Duluth International Airport (KDLH). Upon completion of the scheduled 20 minute flight, Director of Engineering Flight Test, Mike Stevens reported, “Though this first flight was planned to be brief, C2 flew as predicted and initial handling qualities were confirmed. More important, today’s flight is a reflection on the dedication and determination of the Vision jet development team. Thanks to each and every one of our team members in Duluth, we are moving forward into 2015 on schedule.”

“Today’s flight marks another milestone for Cirrus Aircraft and for general aviation,” said Dale Klapmeier, CEO and Co-founder, Cirrus Aircraft. “What a perfect holiday gift for Cirrus Aircraft employees, owners, operators and partners around the world. Three Vision jets flying is a fleet!” Klapmeier continued, “We are full steam ahead with our plans to revolutionize personal transportation again. The passion and dedication of the entire Cirrus Aircraft team that has brought us to this point is truly inspiring. It’s another proud day at Cirrus.”

Progress has accelerated further for the Vision SF50 personal jet flight test program in recent months. Since its first flight on March 24, 2014, C0 has performed a wide range of aerodynamic performance and handling tests and will continue to expand its flight test regime in the near future, including in-flight parachute testing. C1 first flew on Nov. 25, 2014 with its primary focus on Flight into Known Icing (FIKI) certification. C2 now enters the program with the goals of performing reliability and optional equipment testing, as well as serving as a catalyst for flight standards and training evaluations.

All three aircraft combined have logged more than 250 flight hours over 177 flights. The next aircraft set to join the Vision SF50 jet program will be the first production aircraft, known as ‘P-One” (P1). P1 is scheduled to roll off the production line in the second half of 2015.

The Vision SF50 is a revolutionary personal jet designed to fill the significant gap between high- performance piston singles and light jets. Simple to fly and easy to own and operate, the Vision SF50 jet is designed, in conjunction with a planned world-class training program and experience, to be a straightforward transition for pilots of high-performance aircraft, such as the Cirrus SR22T. It features a high-end cruise speed of 300 KTAS, advanced avionics, the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) and an all-carbon fiber structure.

With over 500 position holders, a current list price of $1.96 million and seating up to five adults and two smaller passengers in an expansive cabin, the Vision SF50 sets a new standard in luxury and flexibility for pilots and passengers. First customer deliveries of the aircraft are currently planned for the fourth quarter of 2015.


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