Delta 757 with Missing Wing Panel

Delta Air Lines 757 Loses Panel on Top of Wing, Makes Emergency Landing at Atlanta [PHOTO]

Delta 757 with Missing Wing Panel

Delta 757 with Missing Wing Panel

A Delta Air Lines 757 made an emergency landing Sunday evening at Atlanta International Airport when a large panel on its right hand wing came off mid-flight, according to preliminary reports.

The detached panel did not impact the aircraft’s ability to fly or land, Delta spokesman Anthony Black said of Flight 2412.

“The crew, knowing that, followed procedure by declaring an emergency to air traffic control as they were landing, which gave them priority clearance to land and alerted ground crews,” Black said.

The aircraft landed uneventfully at 7:30 p.m. Sunday and taxied to the gate. None of the 179 passengers and six crew members aboard the flight was injured.

The airline is inspecting the plane to determine why the panel came off.


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