Delta Airlines Flight 1158 Returns to Salt Lake When Smoke Fills Cabin [PHOTO]

Delta Airlines Boeing 737

Delta Airlines Boeing 737 (file)

A Delta Airlines 737 jet had to return to Salt Lake City International Airport Saturday morning when smoke started to fill the passenger cabin.

Delta Flight 1158, a Boeing 737-700, returned to Salt Lake shortly after takeoff.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

‘Once the plane returned to the airport, three passengers who were feeling nauseous requested to be seen by paramedics, said airport spokeswoman Barbara Gann. Details on their conditions were not immediately available, but Jasen Asay, spokesman for the Salt Lake City Fire Department, was not aware of any passengers who had to be taken to the hospital from the airport.’

The three sick passengers have since reported to be ok.

The jet has been grounded while crews inspect the aircraft for the problem.

Passengers were transferred to a replacement plane.



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