Delta Airlines Jet Overshoots Runway at Port Columbus Newswire Newswire

A Delta Airlines jet overshot the runway at Port Columbus International Airport this morning ending up in the grass.

‘Airport officials told 10 TV that Delta Flight 1170 was carrying 154 passengers and six crew members from Los Angeles when the plane attempted to land and “went a little bit off the runway” in Columbus.

“We have some nose gear stuck in the mud,” said Port Columbus spokeswoman Angie Tabor. “We are very fortunate that there are no injuries out of this incident.”

Passenger Brooks Jarosz described the landing.

“We knew something wasn’t right at the end because the plane jerked to the left,” Jarosz said.” I was sitting on the right side of the plane and immediately the pilot came on and said ‘everyone sit in your seats.”’

Buses transported passengers from the plane to the terminal. The runway remained closed for several hours until crews could tow the aircraft out of the mud.

There is no word on the damage extent to the plane.


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