EgyptAir Flight Diverted to Prestwick After Bomb Threat

EgyptAir Boeing 777

An EgyptAir Boeing 777

An EgyptAir jet bound from Cairo to New York with over 300 passengers on board has been forced to land at Prestwick Airport after an apparent bomb threat.

The incident was sparked after a passenger found a note in a plane toilet, on which was written: “I set this plane on fire”.

Air traffic control at the airport confirmed that Egyptair flight 985 to JFK had been diverted and touched down at 2.30pm.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed it had been escorted into land by Typhoons from RAF Leuchars.

The BBC said one of its New York producers, Nada Tawfik, had found the note.

Police confirmed a suspicious note was found on the plane and all passengers are to be interviewed.

A spokeswoman said: “At around 1420 hours today an Egyptair aircraft flying from Cairo to New York was diverted to Prestwick Airport after a suspicious note was discovered on the aircraft.

“There are no reports of anyone injured and police are currently making arrangements for the 326 passengers to disembark.

“All passengers will then be interviewed by police.”


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