Ethiopian Boeing 787 at London Heathrow

Ethiopian Boeing 787 Catches Fire at London Heathrow [VIDEO] – UPDATE 2

Ethiopian Boeing 787 at London Heathrow

Ethiopian Boeing 787 at London Heathrow (photo: BBC)

An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 jet caught fire while parked at a London Heathrow Airport remote parking stand today causing runways to close.

A Heathrow spokesman said: “We can confirm there has been an on-board internal fire involving an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft and the airport’s emergency services are in attendance.

“The aircraft was parked on a remote parking stand. There were no passengers on board and there are no reported injuries at this time.

“Arrivals and departures are temporarily suspended while airport fire crews attend to this incident. This is a standard procedure if fire crews are occupied with an incident.”

There is no immediate word what caused the fire.

Fifty Dreamliners worldwide were grounded in January because of battery malfunctions.

We will update this story as we find out more…




The NTSB is going to London to investigate the fire. Here is the Tweet they sent:

‘NTSB sending accredited representative to London-Heathrow to assist in investigation of fire aboard Ethiopian Airlines B-787.’


Ethiopian 787 fire not caused by battery fault – Report

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