ExpressJet Plane Turns Back Twice for Problems, Another Strikes Bird Newswire Newswire

Thursday was not a good day to be flying on ExpressJet…

ExpressJet Flight 6063 had to turn back to Denver International on Thursday due to an “maintenance alert” on the flight deck. The plane was checked out and took off a short time later, only to have to turn back and land at Denver again with a different maintenance alert.

Passengers were then put on another aircraft.

Another ExpressJet flight struck a bird leaving Shreveport, Louisiana also on Thursday:

‘The company said that ExpressJet flight 6099 — operating as United Express — experienced a bird strike shortly after takeoff at Shreveport, Louisiana, also on Thursday.

The flight, which was headed for Denver, returned to Shreveport “safely and without incident,” the airline said. “A thorough inspection of the aircraft showed no damage.”’

There were no injuries on either flight.


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