Four seasons jet

Four Seasons launches luxury airplane service starting at $100,000 per person

Four Seasons is taking their luxurious hotel experience to the skies. The premier hotel chain has unveiled its newest private jet experiences, offering elite individuals the chance to travel around the world on one of four custom tours.

The new jet features custom designs handpicked by the hotel group with features like leather flat-bed seats from Italian designer Iacobucci, plush interiors, and pristine bathrooms. When it’s time to turn in, guests will sleep underneath cozy Mongolian cashmere blankets.
And don’t expect your typical bland airline meal here. The plane also comes with its own executive and sous in-flight chefs and exclusively stocks Dom Pérignon champagne.
“Along with the core objectives of comfort and functionality – and adherence to strict aircraft safety standards – we wanted to create an exceptionally luxurious ambiance, and Champagne and caviar became our inspiration,” Dana Kalczak, Vice President, Design, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts said in a recent
Each of the four journeys include air travel, ground transport, planned excursions and meals throughout the trip. But if you know where you want to go, the sleek, black Four Seasons Jet– including accompanying staff and crew– can be chartered privately.
How much will a once-in-a-lifetime private tour of the world cost? The cheapest trip starts at $106,000 a person for a three week journey.

Timeless Discoveries: An Around the World Journey
(January 26 – February 18)
Los Angeles – Kona – Bora Bora – Sydney – Bali – Chiang Mai – Taj Mahal and Mumbai – Prague – London

International Intrigue: An Around the World Journey
(April 14 – May 7)
Seattle – Tokyo – Beijing – Maldives – Serengeti – Istanbul – St. Petersburg – Marrakech – Boston

Extraordinary Adventures: An Around the World Journey
(September 17 – October 11)
Austin – Costa Rica – Hawaii – Sydney – Langkawi – Mauritius – Serengeti – Petra and the Dead Sea – Lisbon

Cultural Escape: Europe, Middle East and Africa
(November 4 – 22)
London – Petra and the Dead Sea – Dubai – Seychelles – Serengeti – Florence – London
If you can’t afford a six-figure airplane ticket, take a behind the scenes virtual tour of the newly outfitted aircraft.

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