Frontier A320 Neo

Frontier Airlines Adding 12 New Airbus Planes with Extra Seats

Frontier A320 Neo

One of the biggest complaints travelers have when taking a flight for business or leisure is the lack of room, but for passengers who use Frontier Airlines, the problem could get even worse as the company is adding extra seats to its new crop of planes.

According to Frontier, the low-budget airline announced Tuesday it will be paying $1.3 billion for 12 new airplanes, including 10 Airbus A321 planes with 230 seats each—44 more seats per aircraft than the previous model—and two Airbus A320 planes with 186 seats each.

For comparison, Spirit Airlines has a capacity of 218 passengers in its Airbus A321 planes and 178 passengers in the A320 planes, according to

Airbus chief operating officer, John Leahy, released a statement about the company’s aircraft and the partnership with Frontier:

“With every flight of an Airbus aircraft, our customers gather feedback from their passengers and employees, and those customers become repeat customers when they realize the A320 Family optimizes every aspect an aircraft has to offer. As we have continued to evolve the efficiency of each of our aircraft families, customers such as Frontier have been paying attention, and know that growing their Airbus fleet is the best investment in their future.”

One place passengers will not be losing room in the new airplanes will be in their actual seats. Frontier will still boast its slim-line seats, which are the widest economy seats in the United States’ domestic airline industry.

The planes will also feature interior amenities such as more overhead storage, less noise and different lighting options. Frontier will begin receiving the completed aircrafts in early 2016.

While Frontier already boasts a fleet of 56 planes, the recent order from Airbus for 12 aircraft is in addition to 89 already ordered. In total, Frontier Airlines will be receiving 101 Airbus deliveries over the next five years.

Source…. Frontier Airlines Adding 12 New Airbus Planes with Extra Seats

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