Boeing 787-9

Hawaiian Airlines Orders 10 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners

Hawaiian Airlines made a surprise announcement that it had just entered into a contract with Boeing to purchase 10 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. The airline will be getting its new planes from Boeing instead of Airbus.

The value of this purchase at list pricing is about $2.82 billion USD. The airline has also taken an option for 10 additional Dreamliners once the first have been delivered. This order may not seem like a large order for Boeing when you consider the high demand for Dreamliners at this time, but it is a very important order for the airplane manufacturer. Hawaiian Airlines has recently been upgrading its fleet using Airbus planes exclusively. Many of these Airbus planes replaced older Boeing models. As an additional blow to Airbus, Hawaiian Airlines also canceled its order for the Airbus A330-800NEO planes. These planes are just now entering into their test flight stages, and Airbus has been desperate to generate interest in the planes.

At this time, the six planes ordered by Hawaiian AIrlines were the only orders that they had for this model of plane. Hawaiian Airlines has been aggressively trying to update its fleet and become more versatile in offering long-haul flights. The airline, ranked as one of the best in the U.S., is now facing much more competition and must react accordingly if it plans to remain the leading carrier in this part of the world. Soon, Southwest Airlines will start offering flights to and from Hawaii, and it may also offer inter-island flights. Hawaiian Airlines will begin taking delivery of its new Dreamliners at the end of 2021. The airline has not stated if it will take the option for the additional 10 planes at this time or wait until the order has been fulfilled.

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