Is the 787 Coverup Exposing the FAA’s Failure to Protect the Flying Public? [OPINION]

ANA Boeing 787

Will the FAA let Boeing get its 787 back in the air, even if they don’t know what’s wrong with it??

The following is a commentary by contributor Richard Wyeroski. Wyeroski is a former FAA Safety Inspector.

$200 Billion in Aircraft Back Orders. What is the FAA Going to do About the Boeing 787?

The FAA still has the Boeing Dreamliner 787 grounded. There are $200 billion in back orders on Boeing’s books for the airliner. Sequestration has now been put into effect reducing the FAA’s work force. Yet Boeing wants their airliner back in the sky.

A little discussed problem here is…what is the FAA going to do about the “Extended Twin-Engine Operations” ETOPS times? The 787 has the highest authorization ever given to any airliner…330 minutes.

Who is to blame for all the problems effecting the Boeing 787?  Is it Boeing management, that outsourced 70% of the aircraft development?  How about the FAA, that spent 200,000 man hours certifying the 787!?

As a former FAA Inspector I have seen first hand how the agency covers up problems and keeps them from the American people. The FAA failed in certifying the aircraft. Administrator Huerta and DOT Secretary LaHood do not have any idea what to do.

Even if the 787 flies again soon, how can FAA allow the airliner to fly long distance flights over water?  So the question remains…WHO IS TO BLAME ? In my opinion, it is fraud, waste, abuse and criminal activity in the FAA. The corruption and inept management that is in the FAA, has finally caught up with this agency. The FAA has failed the American people and it is time to clean out the agency and find people that will do the job, if that is possible, with the culture that now infects Washington DC.

The NTSB is at odds with the FAA since the two agencies often differ as to the cause of aircraft accidents. The FAA has an excellent misleading public relations department that have been known to hide facts and give the appearance that all is well.

I believe the Department of Transportation needs to close down the FAA Headquarters at 800 Independence Avenue. That would be a good start in reducing the $600 million dollar “so called” Sequestration short fall!



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