Lufthansa Group orders 6 Boeing 777-300ER Aircraft for Swiss Airlines [VIDEO] Newswire Newswire

Lufthansa Group, the owner of Swiss International Airlines (SWR/LX),  is planning on ordering 6 Boeing B777-300ER’s to replace Swiss International Airlines’ Airbus A340-300’s.

“The Boeing 777-300ER is the ideal size and range to meet our Swiss market needs,” said Harry Hohmeister, chief executive officer of SWISS. “We have made a landmark decision to further invest in an advanced aircraft fleet to retain our competitive edge over many of our competitors who are operating aircraft with more than 300 seats on similar routes.”

“The 777-300ER is a favorite among the world’s leading airlines, bringing unrivaled twin-engine efficiency and reliability to the long-range market,” said Todd Nelp, vice president of European Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “We are honored by SWISS’s decision to put the 777-300ER at the forefront of its fleet renewal and look forward to playing a key role in its future success.”

“With the 777-300ER, SWISS’s passengers will experience the most spacious interior cabin ever developed,” said Bob Whittington, vice president and chief project engineer for the 777 Program. “With these airplanes, SWISS will be able to offer wider seats, wider aisles, more headroom and more seating flexibility.”

With a astonishing range of 7,825 nautical miles, also factoring in the amazing (and huge) GE90 that delivers 115 300 pounds of thrust at full power; a cruising speed of Mach 0.84, a huge passenger and cargo payload capacity, it is not to wonder why since the appearance of the Boeing B777-300ER quad-jets orders having been slowing down; and that is the main reason why Airbus stopped selling their Airbus A340 family to concentrate on their Airbus A330 and A350XWB families.

ETOPS stands for Extended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards all twin engine planes are ETOPS certified for 60 minutes, which means that it can fly anywhere as long as there is a airport 60 minutes away.  However some planes like the Boeing B777-300ER or Boeing B787-8 Dreamliner are certified to fly up to 330 minutes away from an airport.

Swiss International Airlines received its first (out of 15) Airbus A340-300 in 2004, named “Schaffhausen”. The last of the 15 Airbus A340-300’s arrived in 2008.  However with rising fuel coast operating airplanes with Quad-Jet where a Twin-Jet with a ETOPS certification of 330 minutes is becoming far less economic. This is the first wide-body order that Swiss International Airlines that is not from Airbus.


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