Malaysia Concludes: ‘The Plane Vanished’

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Debris

Will we ever know what happened to MH370?

Some officials privately concede we may never know what happened to MH370…

Malaysian officials are denying U.S. investigators’ report that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remained in the air for about four hours after it lost contact.

Hishammuddin Hussein, minister of defense and acting minister of transport, tweeted on Thursday that the situation was unprecedented and squashed claims that Malaysia had slowed its search for the missing Boeing 777.

According to The Wall Street Journal, U.S. officials believe flight 370 flew for a total of five hours, meaning that the plane, which was carrying 239 people, could have continued traveling for a substantial amount of time under conditions that still remain a mystery.

The international search effort continues nearly one week after Malaysia Airlines flight 370 dropped off the radar and vanished without any warning. Despite seemingly strong leads, the investigation has turned up no clues as to what happened to the jet.


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