Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

Passengers Hurt After Singapore Airlines Flight was Hit by Turbulence

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

Twenty-two people were injured when a Singapore Airlines flight descending into Mumbai ran into turbulence on Saturday night.

The injured included 14 crew and eight passengers, the airline said. Some were taken to a hospital for treatment.

Singapore Airlines said the aircraft, an Airbus Group N.V. A380, had 408 passengers and 25 crew on board on the flight to Mumbai from Singapore. The aircraft was inspected by engineers on arrival and was cleared to fly again.

The incident occurred when the plane was at 15,000 feet and the seat belt signs were on at the time, an airline spokesman said. The aircraft touched down in Mumbai at 10 p.m., he added.

Singapore Airlines started flying the A380, the world’s biggest passenger jet, on the route in May this year and its planes have 471 seats.

Modern aircraft are designed to withstand severe weather events and pilots take care to fly around rough weather. Still, it isn’t unusual for aircraft to be thrown around a bit, though injuries on board are rare.

Last year, some passengers were injured when a Singapore Airlines aircraft ran into turbulence on a flight to London.


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