TAROM Airbus A318

Pilot for Romanian Airline TAROM Suspected of Being Drunk

TAROM Airbus A318

TAROM Airbus A318

A pilot for Romanian carrier TAROM¬†was pulled off a flight Wednesday morning before it took off from London’s Heathrow Airport for suspicion of being drunk.

Reuters/NBC News reports:

‘British authorities refused permission for the pilot to take off in the Airbus A318 from Heathrow on Wednesday morning.

“We canceled the flight because one crew member was not physically fit to operate. His medical incapacity was tracked down in London during routine checks,” the state-owned Romanian carrier Tarom said in a statement.

“The pilot returned home on Thursday and we suspended him from activity until the investigation is finalized.’

The airline stated that if the pilot does test positive for alcohol he will be terminated.

We do not have the flight number nor can we confirm if it was a passenger flight, although we believe it was.

The aircraft was an Airbus A318.


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