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Record numbers not just this year but next for Boeing’s 787

Boeing may break its 787 Dreamliner production record again in 2016, by delivering 140 jets.

Already Boeing is producing a more wide-body jets monthly than any other builder, and 2016 would lift it even higher. Some expect Boeing to increase rate from current of 10 Dreamliners a month, to 12.

Boeing had predicted 120 deliveries for 2015, although Seth has said he expects that to go higher.

Next year will be a number of firsts for the program, in addition to the record rate.

Boeing in 2016 is to start production of the first 787-10, the largest of the three models and the only one that will be assembled exclusively in North Charleston, South Carolina.

In addition, production of 787-9s will start to more seriously outpace those of 787-8s, the smallest and first of the models, by a ratio of nearly 3-1.

Seth expects 102 deliveries of 787-9s next year, versus 38 787-8s.

During 2016, the South Carolina and Washington state Dreamliner assembly lines will move closer to 12 each, although Washington’s Everett line will continue to lead.

And this will be despite the fact that Boeing is shutting down the third 787 surge line by the end of this year, leaving only one line each in Everett and North Charleston.

Boeing has 784 unfilled orders for 787s, with the largest group, 468, for 787-9s. At 12 monthly, that’s slightly more than five years of production.

This year Boeing has netted 53 Dreamliners orders so far.

Record numbers not just this year but next for Boeing’s 787

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