Satellites Spot 3 Floating Objects Suspected to be Malaysia Flight 370 – UPDATE 3

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 (file)

Chinese satelites have spotting 3 floating objects suspected to be parts of Malaysia Flight 370 near the area of the jet’s original flight path.

They are reported to be en route now to determine if the objects are part of the missing airliner.


Chinese satellite has spotted these images in the South China Sea. One of the pieces is reported to be over 70 feet long. The other two are reported to be fairly large as well.



Malaysian authorities expanded their search for the missing jetliner westward toward India on Thursday, saying it may have flown for several hours after its last contact with the ground.

That scenario would make finding the Boeing 777 a vastly more difficult task, and raises the possibility that searchers are currently looking in the wrong place for the plane and its 229 passengers and crew.

In the latest in a series of false leads, planes were sent Thursday to search an area off the southern tip of Vietnam where Chinese satellite images published on a Chinese government website reportedly showed three suspected floating objects.

They saw only ocean.

“There is nothing. We went there, there is nothing,” said acting Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

Compounding the frustration, he later said the Chinese Embassy had notified the government that the images were released by mistake and did not show any debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

The plane was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing early Saturday when it lost contact with ground controllers and civilian radar.


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