Spirit Airlines Hugs the Haters, Giving Away One Billion Miles [VIDEO]

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Delays, fees and legroom generate a lot of negative feelings and social media buzz about airlines. Who doesn’t have an epic tale of flying hassles and pain? Spirit Airlines gets it and is helping everyone get rid of their hate by giving away up to one billion FREE SPIRIT® miles to those who feel wronged by an airline.

As part of an effort to help customers learn about its different approach to air travel, Spirit is embracing real hate from travelers. Starting July 8th, Spirit Airlines will be giving miles away until they reach One Billion—that’s a lot of hate the airline’s embracing. With the Hate Thousand Miles Giveaway, travelers on Spirit (or any other airline) can receive 8,000 FREE SPIRIT® Miles* to use toward an award flight on Spirit when they submit up to 140 characters at HateThousandMiles.com. So go ahead and release the hate. While you are at it, learn how to save big bucks by flying Spirit.

“We want to change the way people think about air travel and educate them about the Spirit way of traveling” said Ben Baldanza, Spirit’s CEO. “We’re going to Hug The Haters. They can share their frustrations with flying, and in return, we’re going to give them 8,000 FREE SPIRIT® Miles*, which gets them very close to an award flight.”

Additionally, customers who don’t have any hate can tell the airline about a good time they had saving on Spirit and get 8,000 FREE SPIRIT® Miles*, as well.

“We know many customers love us and our approach to air travel,” continued Baldanza. “We’re confident once the haters see how we’re different, and how much money they can save, they’ll learn to love us, as well.”

The Hate Thousand Miles Giveaway kicks-off Spirit’s promise of “Less Money. More Go.™” Spirit’s total price, including all the charges for optional services, is about 40% lower than other airlines on average.** That lets Spirit customers save more money for the good times when they get there.


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