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Asiana 777 SFO Crash Caused by Pilot ‘Mismanagement,’ NTSB Concludes

Federal officials said Tuesday that “mismanagement” by the pilots of Asiana Flight 214 caused the plane crash at San Francisco International Airport last year. The crash killed three people and injured more than 180. The National Transportation Safety Board was meeting in Washington to weigh a variety of factors, including the skill and training of…

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Boeing Issues Statement on Asiana Flight 214 777 Crash at San Francisco Airport

Boeing extends its deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who perished in the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 accident in San Francisco, as well as its wishes for the recovery of those injured. Boeing will join the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board at their request to provide technical assistance to their investigation. In…

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Asiana 777 Jet Crash Lands at San Francisco – 2 Dead, 181 Injured [PHOTOS][LIVE VIDEO] – UPDATE 4

Asiana Boeing 777 Crash at SFO

An Asiana Flight 214, Boeing 777 passenger jet, has crashed on landing at San Francisco International Airport, killing 2 passengers with 181 others injured, according to the latest reports. There are conflicting eyewitness reports as to what happened but it appears the plane’s tail struck the end of the runway as it was landing which…

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