TAM A330 Winglet on Hangar Building

TAM A330 Scrapes Winglet on Hangar Building at JFK, Leaves Big Tip [PHOTO]

TAM A330 Winglet on Hangar Building

TAM A330 Winglet on Hangar Building (caption from NY Post: ‘HANGAR HANG-UP . . . but plane left good tip’

A TAM Airlines A330 jet hit the side of a hangar yesterday at JFK Airport while reportedly parking and left its winglet lodged in to the side of the building.

The New York Post reports:

‘The red winglet of the Brazilian TAM plane broke off when it became lodged on the side of Hangar 3 in the 11 a.m. incident. A worker in the plane suffered a panic attack and was removed by rescuers from the Port Authority Police Department and EMS and treated at Jamaica Hospital.’

There were no passengers aboard the aircraft and the jet has been grounded for repairs.

No word if they’re going to leave the winglet up on the building for aesthetics. 🙂


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