Flights cancelled in the Northeast due to huge storm

Thousands of Flights Cancelled as Brutal Storm Pounds the Northeast-UPDATE 2

Flights cancelled in the Northeast due to huge storm

Flights cancelled in the Northeast due to huge storm

Most flights out of the northeast part of the U.S. have been cancelled as a huge storm dumps snow on the region.

Airlines were generally shutting down operations in the afternoon on Friday at the three big New York-area airports as well as Boston, Providence, Portland, Maine, and other Northeastern airports. They’re hoping to resume flights on Saturday.

Flight-tracking website FlightAware said airlines have canceled more than 4,200 flights on Friday and Saturday in advance of the storm.

The latest tally we now have is 4,700 flights are now cancelled, and that number could rise still.

Here are the latest cancellations by airline, destination and airport…click HERE.

Current cancellations for Saturday can be found HERE.

We will update when there is more news on cancellations.


The latest we have is New York area airports are now operating flights. Delays will be the name of the day though.

Boston Logan expects to open one runway by sometime in the mid-afternoon.

If any of you have information please post in the comments. 🙂


No BOS till 11 PM….

Logan International Airport will not have a runway open until at least 11 p.m. on Saturday, airport officials said. Authorities pulled crews off the airfield for five hours overnight due to whiteout conditions, causing the snow to pile up. “It’s very tough going and there’s still challenging conditions,” said Matthew Brelis, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Port Authority, which runs Logan.


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