TransAsia Airways GE235 Plane Crash

TransAsia Airways GE235 Plane Crash

TransAsia Airways GE235 Plane Crash

An ATR 72-600 plane operated by TransAsia Airways, a private Taiwanese airline, turned on its side in midair, clipped a bridge, hit a taxi and careened into a river Wednesday with 58 people on board. Rescuers pulled out people and bodies from the mostly sunken fuselage. At least 26 people were killed and more than a dozen were missing.

TransAsia Airways GE235 went down shortly after takeoff from Taipei’s downtown Sungshan Airport and was heading to the outlying Taiwanese-controlled Kinmen Islands. Most of the passengers were from mainland China.

Taiwanese broadcasters repeatedly played a recording of the plane’s final contact with the control tower in which the pilot called out “Mayday” three times. The recording offered no direct clues as to why the plane was in distress.

At least 26 people died and 15 survived TransAsia Airways Flight 235’s crash in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei on Wednesday. Seventeen people remained missing and were feared dead.

TransAsia Airways is dealing with its second deadly accident in less than a year after one of its planes hit a bridge and dramatically plunged into a river shortly after takeoff Wednesday.

The accident comes seven months after another TransAsia Airways flight crashed while landing in stormy weather and low visibility on an island off Taiwan’s coast in July, leaving 48 people dead.

Before that crash, the airlines hadn’t seen a deadly accident since 2002, when two pilots were killed as a TransAsia ATR Cargo plane crashed into the sea. In 1995, four people died when another one of its cargo planes crashed into a hillside. A handful of other minor incidents in the past two decades did not result in deaths.


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