TSA Delays Allowing Passengers to Carry Small Knives on Planes

TSA Screening


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has delayed implementing a new rule allowing passengers to bring small knives on commercial aircraft.

A TSA spokesperson on Monday wrote in an email: “In order to accommodate further input from the Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC), which includes representatives from the aviation community, passenger advocates, law enforcement experts and other stakeholders, TSA will temporarily delay implementation of changes to the Prohibited Items List, originally scheduled to go into effect April 25.

“This timing will enable TSA to incorporate the ASAC’s feedback about the change to the Prohibited Items List and continue workforce training.”

No date was given as to how long the policy would be delayed.

Flight attendant unions, more than 100 members of Congress and even families of 9/11 victims strongly opposed the policy change that would have allowed passengers to carry knives with blades smaller than 2.36 inches long and less than half an inch wide onto airplanes.


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