United Airbus A380

United Airlines does not see a fit for Airbus A380

United A380

United Continental Holdings Inc has been in talks about purchasing the world’s biggest passenger jet from Airbus Group SE, the A380, but at the moment does not see it fitting with its fleet, the airline said Wednesday.

The Chicago-based airline confirmed that its chief financial officer, John Rainey, told aviation news outlet Flightglobal: “We’ve looked at that and we are looking at it right now it just doesn’t really work for us.”

In the report, Rainey said his main concern was the A380’s trip cost, which is higher than the trip cost of smaller Boeing Co 787 Dreamliners already in United’s fleet. He said flying a route multiple times on smaller aircraft rather than once on a large plane pleases business travelers by giving them more choice.

Last year, no orders were placed by commercial airlines for new Airbus A380s or Boeing’s jumbo jet, the 747, underscoring a move in the industry toward smaller, twin-engine planes. The slump in sales has raised questions over how long manufacturers can sustain production.

Source… United Airlines does not see a fit for Airbus A380

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