United Airlines Ships Dog Bound for Phoenix to Ireland by Mistake



Springer Spaniel named “Hendrix” is Put on 3 Flights by Mistake and Ends up in Ireland Instead of Phoenix

A six year-old dog that was supposed to be sent from Newark Liberty Airport to Phoenix by United Airlines instead got put on 3 different flights before ending up…in Ireland.

Edith Alback, the owner of “Hendrix”, a Springer Spaniel named after the legendary guitarist, was not pleased with United.

‘“Somebody called me and told me that there was something wrong with the dog, and that the dog was on its way to Ireland instead of to Phoenix,” Alback said.

In a 24-hour period, Hendrix took not one, but three flights.

One from from Newark to Shannon, Ireland that took seven hours. He then spent two hours on the ground there. Then the dog headed back from Shannon to Newark and finally from Newark to Phoenix on a five-hour flight.’

“The point was they put a live animal on a plane to go internationally and it was just not called for, it was not right,” Alback said.

“In the future, I’ll drive anywhere I go,” Alback said.

United says they are issuing a refund.

That’s mighty nice of you United.

“United Airlines is committed on making travel safe and comfortable for pets. We are reviewing the circumstances and taking steps to prevent this from happening again.”


Can’t say I’m surprised…

Well Hendrix, at least they apologized. They won’t talk to me…:)

Actually, I think dogs should sit in the main cabin….first class actually…

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